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 [22] 30 Rock icons (for comedy20in20)


Here @ the_windowbird.
Meryl Streep - Various [45]
Amy Adams - Various [15]
Emily Blunt - Various [10]
30 Rock / Tina Fey - Various [24]


icons over HERE

Jenna/Jane Icons + Header

As requested by the_windowbird, here are some icons of Jenna/Jane Krakowski.
[+ a header]

sneak peek:

here @ michanley

Another request by moi!

I would like a couple of icons, and an image if anyone feels so inclined!

First, I would love a text icon that has the Liz line "Guess who has two thumbs, speaks limited french, and hasn't cried once today, this moi"

Second, I would love an icon of Liz's judgemental face!

And Finally, I would love a graphic, bigger than an icon, of Blossom and Liz's Judgemental face that says ROLEX!

If anyone can do anything I would love!!

Oh, and if you have any Pete icons pass them my way!

Liz/Wesley icons

07 Donald O'Connor
08 Rex Harrison & Julie Andrews (+ 1 My Fair Lady w/ Audrey)
03 Ghost & Mrs Muir film
07 Ghost & Mrs Muir tv series
05 30 Rock
08 Tron
07 Misc. (Criminal Minds variations, Lewis, Hustle)


the r e s t


[01: Jack & Liz]
[02, 03: Tina Fey]
[04 - 09: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler]

sneak peek:

here @ michanley
16 new icons of Tina. Enjoy :)

sneak peek:

here @ michanley