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Icons for the hit NBC series starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin
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30rockicons is dedicated to sharing icons related to the NBC series 30 Rock.

We are not a discussion community for the show. Please visit our affiliate 30_rock if you would like to post about the show.

Your mod is 37piecesflair


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Follow the icon creator's rules. If they ask for credit, credit them, etc.

Post only three 30 Rock icons as teasers and the rest behind a cut. Not just one for 30 ROck and then a link to your journal, unless you have only one.

Please contact 37piecesflair before posting any advertisments. Communities not related to 30 Rock may not be advertised here. Post a comment at her journal.

Icons related to the show, such as those featuring the cast member's other projects are fine.

If you don't mind your icons being archived, make a note in your post. The maintainer also co-runs 30rockfan.org and would love to add them to the icon archive!

Please do not post icons of a new episode immediately after the airing, and put icons under a cut for at least two days after the initial airing. Be considerate of those of us who may not watch the episode when it first airs, as that gives us all time to watch with ITunes, DVR, VHS, etc.

All icons with material for future episodes must be cut ( from promos, promo pictures), regardless of the icons of being animated, non-animated, or text. Posts with such icons must have a sufficient warning.

Post all icon requests to the request thread.

Looking for something? Check the tags. As icons are posted, the maintainer tags entries by character, episode, etc.

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